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Yay for books

For National Children's Book Week, we're celebrating reading!

Research shows that reading aloud to kids stimulates language and cognitive skills. It also sparks imagination, curiosity and memory – providing the foundation for lifelong learning. And there's something about reading with your kid that creates an intimate, special bond – usually snuggles are involved.

Here are a few of the ways we're aiming to help raise little readers ... 

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Happy Poem in Your Pocket Day

We believe it's never too early to introduce kids to poetry. And Poem in Your Pocket Day, on April 24, is a perfect time to start. You can encourage your kid to pick a favorite poem – or better yet, write their own – carry it with them, and share it with others throughout the day.

To get you started, download this activity sheet from the Wee Workshop, and help your kids create a pocket-sized, crazy, silly, sad or happy Haiku.

We'll also be checking out quirky classics from Shel Silverstein, like "One Sister For Sale!" and "Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout" (who refused to take the garbage out). Children's Poet Laureate Ken Nesbitt has lots of other poetry recommendations and fun for kids.

Encouraging Kindness in Kids

As parents of preschoolers, we're regularly reminding them to take turns, say "please" and "thank you," be good listeners, help each other, clean up their toys, don't bite … and so on.

We're pretty relentless. Because it's all related to what we consider one of our most important jobs as parents: How do we raise kind kids?

Considerate, generous people make the world better, of course. And studies show that people are happier and healthier when they're kind. Parents Magazine wrote that kids have an innate desire to help others – we just need to guide it, so that doing good becomes a lifelong habit.

Here are a few things we're trying at our house. 

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A, B, Seeing Letters Everywhere

As we get our kids ready for pre-school and kindergarten, we’ve been thinking a lot about how to raise eager learners. We want our kids to be curious, and to love discovering new things. 

So, here are a few ideas for building excitement with pre-readers who are getting to know the ABCs.

Learn with art
Download this week’s super fun Wee Alphas activity sheet from the Wee Workshop. Then visit Coquette Maman to enter for a chance to win a Wee Alphas art print. 

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Happy Summer Road Trips

Family road trips are what summers are made of. To make sure yours is full of more laughter and less hair-pulling, here are our top tips for bringing fun and learning to the open road: 

Load up the iPad with books, games and learning apps, like Wee Alphas and Wee You-Things. Screen time is a good thing when the content is engaging and educational. 

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