Wee Society

As we get our kids ready for pre-school and kindergarten, we’ve been thinking a lot about how to raise eager learners. We want our kids to be curious, and to love discovering new things. 

So, here are a few ideas for building excitement with pre-readers who are getting to know the ABCs.

Learn with art
Download this week’s super fun Wee Alphas activity sheet from the Wee Workshop. Then visit Coquette Maman to enter for a chance to win a Wee Alphas art print. 

Find letters everywhere
Point out letters on stop signs, cereal boxes, graphic tees—the alphabet is everywhere!

Go on an alphabet scavenger hunt
This is just like a regular scavenger hunt except you go on a silly search for things that start with Z or Q, or whatever letter you like. It’s fun to find stuff that starts with your “special letter” (that’s the one your name begins with).

Read ABC books—like The Berenstain’s B Book. We also love Dr. Seuss’s ABC.

Make screen time count—with learning apps like Wee Alphas! Kids can find letters hidden in each animal and practice tracing the ABCs. 

Visit the zoo (with your imagination)
Go through the alphabet, and get your kids to try to name an animal for each letter. A is for Antelope. B is for Barracuda. This is one of our go-to car ride games.