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For National Children's Book Week, we're celebrating reading!

Research shows that reading aloud to kids stimulates language and cognitive skills. It also sparks imagination, curiosity and memory – providing the foundation for lifelong learning. And there's something about reading with your kid that creates an intimate, special bond – usually snuggles are involved.

Here are a few of the ways we're aiming to help raise little readers ...

Books everywhere

Keep books out and around you – the more places the better. You can create reading spots all over the house – in the kids' rooms, playrooms, living room, bathroom. We also keep a few in the car (for those not prone to motion sickness).

Bedtime and beyond

While reading books is part of most families' bedtime routines, it can show up in other parts of the day, too. We try to start every morning with a book – the kids climb into our bed (we keep a couple of kids' books on the nightstand).

Library adventures

Declare regular library trips "special family adventures." It shows that reading is a family priority, and creates positive memories. You can read together while you're there, and bring home a few of the best. And as a side benefit, it's a learning opportunity for borrowing and responsibility.

Modeling the reading habit

Kids keep a close eye on parents, absorbing what we're up to. So we want them to see us reading – modeling that it's important to us. If you're in a book club, tell them about it – and talk about why you value reading.

Books make the best gifts

When we were expecting, our sister-in-law arranged a book baby shower. It was a great way to start a library. And we often give books as gifts – it's fun to share our family's favorites.

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