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"Us" is here!

However you define family — whether it’s the people you live with, folks you’re related to, or friends who feel like family — coming together with people you care about to connect, share and celebrate is one of life’s awesome things. Us: A Compendium inspires these together-times, and we designed it to capture whatever's interesting, weird and wonderful about your family.

It’s full of prompts (both silly and serious) to help kids and their grown-ups learn more about each other. Activities, like designing your family crest, making a family board game and creating a time capsule, get everyone involved. We hope it helps you re-live special family memories, uncover new connections, and share lots of giggles.

Us is available from your favorite local bookseller, or Bookshop, Powell’s, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Puffs x Wee Society

Wee Society partnered with Puffs on some special back-to-school-boxes. What’s your favorite? Wee-mojis? Gesundheit!? Stacking shapes? Each pack encourages kids to transform empty boxes into something awesome — a piñata, puppet theater, monster feet. The collection is available at select retailers now.

This is Us

Exciting news: Our next (6th!) journal,
Us: A Compendium, will be available Nov 2. And this time, it’s focused on family — designed to capture whatever’s interesting, weird and wonderful about yours. We hope you’ll pick up a copy — you can pre-order it today.

"Be" Recognized for Best Design

We’re thrilled that Be: My Mindfulness Journal was recognized as one of the best-designed books fo 2020 in AIGA’s 50 Books/50 Covers competition. “In a year where many of us felt and were disconnected in numerous ways, books provided us that connection to each other and to our world,” said Bennie F. Johnson, AIGA’s Executive Director.
Be’s universal theme of finding calm through creativity became especially relevant during the pandemic — helping kids work through challenges and feel feelings without allowing them to take over. Be is Wee Society’s fifth kids’ journal published by Clarkson Potter, an imprint of Penguin Random House.

Be is here

Today’s the day! You can now get your hands on Be: My Mindfulness Journal  (and we really hope you do). Watch the trailer here.
We created Be long before the pandemic hit. We wanted help kids learn strategies to deal with everyday challenges — in a way that’s not-so-serious and leaves lots of room for creative expression. Now, as more and more kids (and adults) are dealing with record levels of anxiety and uncertainty, we’re more committed than ever to share this little journal far and wide. If you buy a copy, please consider supporting your local retailers — they need us, and we all need them.

National Tell A Joke Day #fromweetoyou

Did you know that telling jokes is linked to higher intelligence, creativity, sociability, empathy, and self-esteem in kids? To celebrate National Tell a Joke Day this Sunday, it’s a good time to practice. Download our just-right joke telling tips, four of our favorite jokes, a joke for your kid to illustrate, and a worksheet to track reactions here.



New Mindfulness Journal Available for Pre-Sale

We’re excited to share something we’ve been working on for well over a year. When we started the process (pre-pandemic), it felt important — but now, as kids are feeling stress like never before, we can’t wait to get it into little hands.

Be: My Mindfulness Journal teaches kids (ages 6-12) the brain science behind finding calm, and how to feel feelings without letting them take over, so they can handle challenges and build resilience.

Designed to support social emotional learning and to make practicing mindfulness fun, it’s full of activities and creative thought-starters — like making a mantra, breathing exercises, sending secret wishes, Connection Cards that encourage unplugged conversations, and a zen-out-while-you-color-in poster.

Be is available for pre-sale now, and will be released in November.