Wee Society

We've got the giggles: Wee Society has illustrated our favorite kids’ jokes, perfect for your little comedians to practice their funny stuff.

According to smarty-pants doctors and researchers, telling jokes is linked to higher intelligence, creativity, sociability, empathy and self-esteem in kids. 

And, one more reason to share laughs at the family dinner table: humor also promotes bonding, says researcher Paul McGhee, author of Understanding and Promoting the Development of Children’s Humor

“We hope to raise funny little people,” says Jill Robertson, Wee Society president and mom of two super-silly preschoolers. “Wee Hee Hees are our attempt to pass uncontrollable giggles from our family to yours."

Wee Hee Hees are now available as posters, exclusively at art.com. You can also find them right here, and follow @wee_society on Twitter and Pinterest to check out new ones as they’re released.