Wee Society

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wee society was born
IN 2010
In our Imaginations
But then, as we started to figure out how to be parents (sort of)
We believe bright little minds deserve really smart ideas. Uncontrollable giggles make the world better. Our favorite color
is rainbow.
Sharing stuff is good.
But sharing experiences is way better.
We heart happy design.
We not-so-solemnly swear to help bring kids and their parents closer together with happy apps, artful activities and tales to transfix short attention spans. We believe that you’re never too young to develop an eye for design, and that sparking imaginations leads to big bright explosions of creativity. And above all, we cross our hearts to do our best to delight little people and big people alike, and never forget that Wee Society is all about creating one big happy family, starting with yours.