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National Tell A Joke Day #fromweetoyou

Did you know that telling jokes is linked to higher intelligence, creativity, sociability, empathy, and self-esteem in kids? To celebrate National Tell a Joke Day this Sunday, it’s a good time to practice. Download our just-right joke telling tips, four of our favorite jokes, a joke for your kid to illustrate, and a worksheet to track reactions here.



Wee Zoom #fromweetoyou

When our kids attended a virtual birthday party for a buddy last week, we found ourselves looking for just the right background. That led to a new Wee Society collection especially for Zoom-ing -- free for download. (The backgrounds are sized for Zoom but will work on any video conferencing platform.)

We’re most excited about backgrounds created especially to thank our hard-working teachers -- just in time for Teacher Appreciation Week (May 4 - 8). 

To add a background to your next video chat, right-click on the images below to save them to your device. Then follow Zoom's directions on how to add the background to your next chat.


Cool Bananas!

Unicorn Weemoji

Happy Birthday 

Hedgehog Here's a joke to tell when you use this background, "What animal won't share the shrubbery? A hedgehog."

Go Team!

I <3 my Teachers

Teachers Rock!

Thank You

Write In Code #fromweetoyou

Looking for creative ways to keep kids connected with their buddies? It’s extra-fun to send messages in top secret code. Kids can create their own codes, or learn and use Morse Code — today is officially Morse Code Day! To make it easy, we’ve adapted pages from our Write On and Yay! journals as free downloads you can get here.


You are a Poet #fromweetoyou

It’s National Poetry Month — a perfect time to inspire young poets in your family. Where to start? We’ve been re-reading our favorite, Shel Silverstein. Advice from Leo, the 9-year-old-poet: “If you write from your heart, you can do it in a flash.”

And to make it even easier, we’ve adapted poetry prompts from Write On that you can download here for free to get started.


Find more prompts to write haiku poetry here

Make A Mask #fromweetoyou

Today our kids are making masks, and they’re coming up with their own play to perform for grandparents on Zoom. If you have a brown paper grocery bag, construction paper, and imaginative kiddos, you’re good to go. Our free downloadable templates are easy to use, or you can make up your own! 









Write On #fromweetoyou

Write On: My Story Journal is our own kids’ favorite way to get creative writing practice at home. Full of silly writing prompts (including a game), it’s ideal for ages 7-11. 

We re-formatted a few prompts from Write On to make them available as free and easy-to-print downloads. You can buy the full journal here.

Do you haiku? Download the worksheets here.