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Wee Alphas is now in KinderTown

KinderTown aims to help busy parents use their iPhones and iPads as learning tools for their kids. They select the best educational apps by testing them with teachers, parents and children. Here's their review of Wee Alphas:

"[Wee Alphas] incorporates delightful early literacy experiences within a dynamic ABC app. Letters are presented in a witty and creative sentence. Vocabulary is dynamic with a nice infusion of alliteration and word play. Seek and find letters hidden in the illusions (you can tell the developers are designers) and watch as each letter is highlighted in both the picture and the text. Interactivity reinforces the letter stories in a way that we hope becomes the standard for all kids apps. Many more features to highlight, but we will leave you with the recommendation to start at the indepth parent pages that include tips for parents and kids playing together."

Wee Friends: Quinn

Quinn, age 3, reviews the Wee Alphas app:

"I love it! My favorite is Charlie the Chipmunk because he has a cheese flag and I like cheese. Also I tap tap tap and change Violet's hair to a ponytail or something." (giggle) "My special letter is Q. I use my finger to draw a Q. Not my toe. Because sometimes toes are dirty."

[Thanks, Quinn. Big hug, WS]


Reviews: Wee Alphas app

Yippee! Apple selected and featured the Wee Alphas app as "New and Noteworthy" in the App Store's education category.

And (yay!) these folks had some really nice things to say:

"Is there room for another animal-themed ABC app for iPad? There is if it looks as fun as [Wee Alphas]. Great fun, as well as being a well-crafted app." 
- Stuart Dredge, Apps Playground

"This one is spectacular. The design is AMAZING (something you know I care a lot about, even in kids apps). This app was a hit for both of us!"
- Emily Stephenson, Second Story Window 

"Brilliant! It's fun for kids, and not at all boring for adults. So smart, simple, intriguing, thoughtful and well-designed. [Wee Alphas] is quite possibly a cosmic sign signifying the end of kids' books printed on paper."
- Charles S. Anderson, world renowned designer and founder, CSA Design Company and CSA Images

Away Wee Go!

Today we're really excited to introduce Wee Society to the world. See our story.

Our pledge

We not-so-solemnly swear to help bring kids and their parents closer together with happy apps, artful activities and tales to transfix short attention spans. 

We believe that you’re never too young to develop an eye for design, and that sparking imaginations leads to big bright explosions of creativity. 

And above all, we cross our hearts to do our best to delight little people and big people alike, and never forget that Wee Society is all about creating one big happy family, starting with yours.