Wee Society

Spotted! Wee Hee Hees Win Design Award

The Wee Hee Hee poster series was honored for design excellence by Communication Arts, a juried competition that recognizes the world's best visual communications. In addition to a shiny new trophy, the Wee Hee Hee posters (which are now available exclusively at art.com) earned an appearance in the September/October 2015 Communication Arts Design Annual. 

Congrats to our design partner Office.

Spotted: Wee You-Things featured in USA TODAY

On Mother’s Day, USA TODAY featured 5 apps that can support moms (and dads) as they help their kids navigate common childhood fears.

"Talking to your children about their emotional and social responses is very important; but sometimes parents need a springboard to get that conversation started," wrote tech columnist Jinny Gudmundsen. "Mobile apps can help."

Gudmundsen gave Wee You-Things four stars (out of four), writing: "Wee You-Things is a great way to start a conversation about why each person (including the reader) is special; and why it is important to respect those who are different from you."

Find out more about Wee You-Things, and download the app here

Wee You-Things Named Top App for Kids

Yippee! Digital-Storytime named Wee You-Things one of the five top book apps for preschoolers for 2014.

In partnership with Teachers With Apps, Digital-Storytime also published a review of the app, calling Wee You-Things “exactly the kind of book we need to read to our children to help instill 21st century character traits of acceptance … every element in this simple read is stunning, and the message so poignant!” Teachers With Apps also recommends Wee You-Things for helping develop social and emotional learning

Regarding their “Best of” list, Digital-Storytime said, "We believe the best formats for presenting good books will always be story-driven and reader-driven, not technology-driven … In a sea of content, it can be difficult to separate a fun kids app that happens to have a storyline from more meaty literature and educational content for young audiences. We hope we’ve helped.”

You can download the Wee You-Things app for iOS right here.

Wee Society and Tattly Launch Science Set

Wee Society teamed up with the best-ever lab partner Tattly to create a set of science-y temporary tattoos.

Just in time for heading back to school, nothing says science-is-awesome quite like sporting our DNA Strand, Stegosaurus Fossil or six other designs. And according to our friends at Tattly, they're only getting positive results.

The set is available exclusively at Tattly for $15, including shipping within the U.S. 

Spotted! Wee Society Decals in Anthology Magazine

Wee Society’s You Know What’s Awesome? wall decals were just spotted in Anthology Mag's Family Issue.

“Wall decals make it really quick and easy to transition from a baby’s room to a preschooler’s space,” says Jill Robertson, co-founder, Wee Society. “And our decals were designed for interaction — our boys love moving them around — so the wall becomes a big canvas for play.”

The decals — and dozens more Wee Society designs — are available exclusively at art.com