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If you haven't heard, it's Save the Koala month. So in honor of this furry friend, we've rounded up a few of our very favorite pins this week.

We're fascinated by paper art. And this origami koala is something we'd love to tackle. 

For your walls, a koala wearing a sweater, by Depeapa.

What's cuter than a kiwi koala? We probably won't make this, but we sure like to look at it.

We can't resist classic Charley Harper.

Koalas communicate with their own distinct "bellow," which sounds like a loud snore followed by a belch. Your kiddos will love trying it – and learn more marsupial factoids here

Download the latest free activity sheet from the Wee Workshop, featuring Kind Koala Kate. Your kids can illustrate just how she's really helpful – and talk about how they want to help out too.

Koala Kate also makes a pretty cute wall decal. And there are dozens more at art.com.

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