Wee Society

Wee Society has released its first set of wood blocks—designed to spark generations of imaginations. 

"I just gave my old ABC blocks to my own kids—and they've been coming up with all kinds of ways to play with them," said Jill Robertson, Co-Founder, Wee Society. "So we created an heirloom set that would inspire that kind of creativity. Solve a silly face puzzle. Stack and re-stack a bunch of characters. Think of something awesome and build it. And it all looks pretty good sitting on your coffee table." 

Blocks are one of the best toys for developing hand-eye coordination, spacial skills and problem solving. Wee Society worked with Office to re-imagine the classic toy, featuring mix-and-match quirky characters and three different puzzles to solve. The blocks were carefully crafted in Michigan, using child-safe inks and replenishable basswood. 

The special first edition of Wee You-Things blocks is premiering March 19 at STORY, an innovative retail concept in New York City that's a mix of culture magazine, lifestyle boutique and art gallery. The blocks are also available here

Wee You-Things will be featured in a soon-to-be-released learning app that celebrates individuality and differences. 

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