Wee Society

It's blastoff time for World Space Week. Here are some of the earthly ways we're celebrating.

1. Tell a silly space joke.

2. Watch live stream of the International Space Station. (Did you know it travels about 5 miles a second, orbits the earth every 90 minutes, and has more rooms in it than a 6 bedroom house? Find out when you can spot it overhead, and view more real-life space imagery at this online archive of Apollo moon mission photos just posted by NASA.)

3. Budding astronauts can plan their own missions (with the help of this downloadable activity sheet) and decorate their rooms with artwork that sparks their curiosity about faraway galaxies. 

4. Read this nonfiction treasure that inspires little imaginations with the wonders of outer space. 

5. Meet Wee You-Thing Grace, from outer space. She appears in a happy app about appreciating differences, and also in this downloadable activity sheet.