Wee Society

Gluey: A Snail Tale, by Vivian Walsh and J. Otto Seibold

This is a wonderfully peculiar story with a fantastically charming illustrations about Celerina the bunny and Gluey the carpenter snail. When Celerina moves into a beautiful empty house, she doesn't realize that Gluey lives there too, keeping the house's cracks fixed. When Celerina shatters a vase, she's shocked to find it repaired the next morning. Not knowing that Gluey is behind it, she attributes the fix to magic (as you would). As she prepares to throw a party for her friends to show off her magical home, she comes across Gluey – and disgustedly flicks the little snail into the meadow. Of course, without Gluey, the party is a disaster – and the house ends up collapsing to the ground. But in the end, the truth comes out, Gluey is saved, Celerina is sorry, the house is rebuilt, and everyone becomes friends. We love this book.