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3 RAWWRRRS for World Lion Day!

Since Sunday is World Lion Day, we thought we’d give you and your kids a weekend’s worth of fun stuff to enjoy with our favorite lion, Leo. (He’s pretty excited about it!)

Bring one of Leo’s roars to life. Draw the noisiest roar imaginable with this free activity sheet. Or get crafty with your kids by making a super-nifty lion mask — our kids have a blast prancing around like Leo. Get our how-to guide here.

Leo likes to help out with the alphabet, too. You can find him in the Wee Alphas app. Or bring him home to hang out on the wall with a personalized print from our shop.

Happy weekend!

Wee heart families

Today is International Day of Families. Download this free activity sheet from the Wee Workshop, and celebrate with a picture of something you love to do with yours. 

Wee Heart Teachers

This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week, and we're feeling especially grateful for the amazing and dedicated teachers in our kids' lives. We created this free activity sheet from the Wee Workshop to help kids express their own gratitude to a favorite teacher. Download it here.

Happy Poem in Your Pocket Day

We believe it's never too early to introduce kids to poetry. And Poem in Your Pocket Day, on April 24, is a perfect time to start. You can encourage your kid to pick a favorite poem – or better yet, write their own – carry it with them, and share it with others throughout the day.

To get you started, download this activity sheet from the Wee Workshop, and help your kids create a pocket-sized, crazy, silly, sad or happy Haiku.

We'll also be checking out quirky classics from Shel Silverstein, like "One Sister For Sale!" and "Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout" (who refused to take the garbage out). Children's Poet Laureate Ken Nesbitt has lots of other poetry recommendations and fun for kids.