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What Wee Read

Bruno Munari's Zoo by Bruno Munari

Originally published in the U.S. in 1963, this is one of the most beautifully illustrated animal books we’ve come across. But it’s Munari's original take on humor— “Flamingos know they are beautiful and strange, and play at symmetry” and “If bears played baseball, polar bears would be umpires” — that make it truly special for both kids and adults. It’s one of our go-to baby gifts, and will stay on our shelf long after our kids outgrow it.

What Wee Read

Imaginary Fred by Eoin Colfer and Oliver Jeffers

For a kid who feels lonely (which is worse than getting stung on the head by a bee on a rainy day), if conditions are perfect — involving a jolt of electricity or a bit of magic— an imaginary friend might appear. Like Fred. A little boy named Sam wished for an imaginary friend, and Fred showed up! They did everything together. Fred tried not to think about the day when Sam would meet a real friend and wouldn’t need him anymore … and then something special happens. Connecting with any kid who has ever felt alone, this is a wonderfully quirky and inspiring story of friendship, inclusion and imagination.

What Wee Read

Bone Soup by Cambria Evans

In this Halloween version of Stone Soup, Finnigan the skeletal, zombie-like creature is known for his massive appetite. When he hungrily comes into town with his eating stool, his eating spoon, and his gigantic eating mouth, residents desperately hide their food. So Finnigan filled a huge cauldron with water and set it to boil in the middle of the town square. He added a big dry “magic" bone to the pot, and began singing. Curious townscreatures came by and, with some clever prompting, began to add their contributions — bat wings, stewed eyeballs, spider eggs, toenail clippings, dried mouse droppings — and they all feasted together. “To think, it was all made from a Magic Bone!” A classic story with fantastic spooky-silly illustrations. Our kids ate it up.

Make Your Own Mask

Looking for a cute, quick, easy costume idea? Download Wee Society’s DIY mask instructions, and transform your kiddo into one of our wildly popular creatures.

The delightfully dangerous DINOSAUR

The uniquely spooky UNICORN

The not-so-scary KOALA

The fantastically frightful FOX

The ghoulish & giggly GORILLA

The haunting, hoo-hoo'ing OWL

The jovial jack o'LION


Wee Dig Dinos

Wee Dinos prints are now roaming the interwebs. Wee Society fans asked for dinosaurs, so in time for International Dinosaur Month, they’re now part of our exclusive collection at art.com

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