Wee Society

Wee You-Things App

Meet the Wee You-Things in an interactive book and happy app designed to encourage kids (ages 3-7) to appreciate differences.

Wee Society's newest crew of characters celebrates "you-things" – those little and big things that, together, make you special and like no one else in the world.

Ruth has a purple tooth. Little Dot gets scared a lot. Brad has two dads. What's your special you-thing? Are you tall? Or quite small? Do you have messy hair? Do you sneeze in the fall? You have many you-things, yep you sure do. That's why it's so awesome to be friends with you.

Take part in the story and uncover surprises on every page.


  • A chance to create your own "you" and become a part of the story
  • Interactive animations (with silly sound effects) that respond to touch and encourage discovery
  • Tips for parents to help kids learn about differences and start conversations that help build understanding, encourage empathy, inspire creativity, develop confidence, and induce giggles
  • Music and narration from indie rock band Rabbit!

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