Wee Society

A (Not Too) Spooky Spider!

Just in time for Halloween, here’s our latest design collaboration with Tattly — a not-too-spooky spider tattoo.

Made with Tattly’s temporary, nontoxic vegetable-based ink, Spooky Spider, along with our Boo Crew, is a super-cute complement to a costume, and way more fun than finding a real eight-legged critter crawling up your arm! 

You can get a set of two Spooky Spiders for $5 at Tattly, including shipping within the U.S.

Wee You-Things Named Top App for Kids

Yippee! Digital-Storytime named Wee You-Things one of the five top book apps for preschoolers for 2014.

In partnership with Teachers With Apps, Digital-Storytime also published a review of the app, calling Wee You-Things “exactly the kind of book we need to read to our children to help instill 21st century character traits of acceptance … every element in this simple read is stunning, and the message so poignant!” Teachers With Apps also recommends Wee You-Things for helping develop social and emotional learning

Regarding their “Best of” list, Digital-Storytime said, "We believe the best formats for presenting good books will always be story-driven and reader-driven, not technology-driven … In a sea of content, it can be difficult to separate a fun kids app that happens to have a storyline from more meaty literature and educational content for young audiences. We hope we’ve helped.”

You can download the Wee You-Things app for iOS right here.

3 RAWWRRRS for World Lion Day!

Since Sunday is World Lion Day, we thought we’d give you and your kids a weekend’s worth of fun stuff to enjoy with our favorite lion, Leo. (He’s pretty excited about it!)

Bring one of Leo’s roars to life. Draw the noisiest roar imaginable with this free activity sheet. Or get crafty with your kids by making a super-nifty lion mask — our kids have a blast prancing around like Leo. Get our how-to guide here.

Leo likes to help out with the alphabet, too. You can find him in the Wee Alphas app. Or bring him home to hang out on the wall with a personalized print from our shop.

Happy weekend!

Wee Society and Tattly Launch Science Set

Wee Society teamed up with the best-ever lab partner Tattly to create a set of science-y temporary tattoos.

Just in time for heading back to school, nothing says science-is-awesome quite like sporting our DNA Strand, Stegosaurus Fossil or six other designs. And according to our friends at Tattly, they're only getting positive results.

The set is available exclusively at Tattly for $15, including shipping within the U.S. 

Wee You-Things App is a Webby Awards Official Honoree

Wheee! The Wee You-Things App was selected as a Webby Awards Official Honoree for Best Visual Design.

The International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences considered 12,000 entries from more than 60 countries for the 18th Annual Webby Awards. The Official Honoree distinction is awarded to only the top 15% of all work entered.

Thank you, Academy!  And congratulations to our design partner, Office

Download the app here.

Wee You-Things Named "Best Pick App"

Tech with Kids, which offers expert reviews and recommendation lists of kids' technology, selected Wee You-Things for its top 10 apps for preschoolers.

Giving Wee You-Things five stars out of five, they wrote: "The best preschool apps are full of irresistible charm and whimsy … By creating a joyous environment in which to celebrate the things that make us different, this feel-good-app rises to the top.”

Download the app here.

New Jurassic Tattly

Wearing dinosaur bones is as fun as digging for them in the backyard with the new Stegosaurus Fossils Tattly by Wee Society.

Just like our other science-themed Tattly, the Molecule, this latest temporary tattoo is safe for kids – non-toxic, printed with vegetable-based ink and FDA-compliant. Perfect for budding paleontologists.

Stegosaurus Fossils is available exclusively from Tattly in sets of two for $5, including shipping within the U.S.

Wee have chemistry with Tattly

To help kids everywhere spread the message that science-is-awesome, we just launched a new Molecule Tattly.

The temporary tattoo is safe for kids – non-toxic, printed with vegetable-based ink and FDA-compliant. And according to our friends at Tattly, it's "sure to enhance the structure of your epidermis." 

If you want to bond with the molecule, it's available exclusively from Tattly in sets of two for $5, including shipping within the U.S.