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Wee-kly Picks

Does it feel like fall where you live? It's a chilly day in San Francisco, so we've rounded up some of our favorite cooler-weather-inspired picks.

Indoor play doesn't have to be deafeningly loud. Check out these simple and beautiful drums made of cork.

Bring the outside in with a pretty awesome indoor climbing tree.

Another leaf craft? Yep. This one is worth a click.

Big appetites: an amazingly imaginative photo series by Christopher Boffoli. And this

Aaaaa-choo! A cautionary tale for flu season.

Wee-kly Picks

Here are a few pins we love this week.

Haircut erasers. And again.

"Minimals" wood animals.

One of our favorite fall reads, about resourcefulness and friendship.

Happy pops of color in this room with a few of our favorite art.com prints.

We're whipping up this (super-easy) cranberry dough for Thanksgiving-inspired sensory play.

Remember Shrinky Dinks? We love this set by Suzy Ultman for Land of Nod.

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Wee-kly Picks

Can't. Stop. Halloween. Pinning. So we'll just go where the spirit takes us, and share our final favorites for the spookiest season.

If your kids like craft projects as much as ours do, try these pretty pasta skeletons.

A haunted (doll)house.

Cute and creepy gingerbread skeletons.

Creative costumes: a mouse, a dancing cloud, popcorn, and a robot. Plus two little chicks and a little, little old lady.

Costumes for advanced cardboard crafters only. (Not it. But we'll ooh and ahh anyway.) These cardboard creations. And this DIY T-Rex.

Our own (super-easy) DIY costumes from the Wee Workshop. Last chance to Pin an image of them to enter to win a set of Boo Crew Tattlys. And post a pic of your costume creation on our Facebook page for a chance to win a free Wee art print.


Wee-kly Picks

Are you ready for Halloween? This week, we're rounding up a few of our favorite pins to conjure ghosts, goblins and giggles.

Curling up with our favorite not-too-spooky reads is our favorite way to get into the Halloween spirit.

Creepy crafts are part of the fun. Our kids are making cards for friends and grandparents with these DIY skull potato stamps. And nothing against jack o' lanterns, but this year we're decorating pumpkins without the mess of carving–starting with this mummy and these spider webs.

Haunting the house means giant spider webs. Or these, made from cheesecloth.

Homemade treats are the best kind. Try these frozen boo-nana pops or vampire-bite cupcakes, with milk. And for a surprise spooky breakfast, how adorable are these ghostly fried eggs?

Wee-kly Picks

Our funny little dog Elvis is an important part of the Wee Society family. In honor of E and National Dog Week, here are a few of our favorite pins celebrating furry best friends everywhere.

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