Wee Society

Can't. Stop. Halloween. Pinning. So we'll just go where the spirit takes us, and share our final favorites for the spookiest season.

If your kids like craft projects as much as ours do, try these pretty pasta skeletons.

A haunted (doll)house.

Cute and creepy gingerbread skeletons.

Creative costumes: a mouse, a dancing cloud, popcorn, and a robot. Plus two little chicks and a little, little old lady.

Costumes for advanced cardboard crafters only. (Not it. But we'll ooh and ahh anyway.) These cardboard creations. And this DIY T-Rex.

Our own (super-easy) DIY costumes from the Wee Workshop. Last chance to Pin an image of them to enter to win a set of Boo Crew Tattlys. And post a pic of your costume creation on our Facebook page for a chance to win a free Wee art print.