Wee Society

In honor of Save the Koala Month (and of our very own Kind Koala Kate), we wanted to share five of our fave facts about these lovable marsupials.

1. That's right. Koala "bears" aren't bears at all. They're marsupials (meaning they carry their young in a pouch).

2. Koalas eat so much eucalyptus (about two and a half pounds of leaves a day), that they often smell like cough drops.

3. Koalas communicate with their own distinct "bellow," which sounds like a loud snore followed by a belch. (Your kids will love trying it.)

4. Like another familiar Aussie animal (the kangaroo), Koala young are called "joeys."

5. Koalas are mostly nocturnal – sleeping up to 18 hours at a time nestled in the nooks of trees.

Sources: National Geographic and Wild Travel Magazine