Wee Society

There are over 150 Wee Society art prints and decals available exclusively at Art.com, but that doesn't mean it's the only thing we hang on our walls (even though it would be kind of fun). So, what kind of art inspires us? We're glad you asked. 

Made Us Giggle

At Wee Society, all of our characters and prints have a "wink"—an idea or detail that you didn't expect, something that hopefully makes you smile. Some of our favorite art prints are those that have surprised and delighted us because they're silly, shocking, funny or weird. 

Happy Design

We believe in happy design. We're especially drawn to the impact and beauty of simple, modern graphic shapes and bold colors. And as an added bonus, these pieces often work equally well in spaces for kids or adults. 

Check out these galleries and read more about what inspires us at Art.com