Wee Society

The newest additions to the Wee Society collection at Art.com aim to bring play to walls everywhere. 

Wee Society designed several sets of new wall decals to encourage interaction and imagination. 

One set includes the headline, "You know what's awesome?" along with illustrations of stuff like kites, lava and fool's gold—as well as blanks, so kids can draw in their own awesome ideas. Another set features the quirky faces and bodies of Wee You-Things that can be arranged and rearranged. 

The decals also provide a low-cost way to dramatically shift the look of a room. "Kids' interests change quickly," said Jill Robertson, president, Wee Society. "So rather than decorating their entire room around a theme that they may not be into by the end of the summer, decals are a quick and simple alternative to painting or pounding nail holes." Each self-adhesive sticker is easily removable and repositionable. 

With over 30 different decals from Wee You-Things, Wee Alphas and "You Know What's Awesome," the possibilities are endless.