Wee Society

We get excited about children's books every day here at Wee Society, but this week is in fact Children's Book Week. So, we're celebrating by reading our kids' favorites as many times as they ask, using as many silly voices as we can come up with. These are a few we're getting really good at.

I am a little tiger. by Francois Crozat  

If your kiddos are animal lovers, they'll fall in love with this adorable series. Each book is told from an animal's point of view (tiger, panda, dinosaur, monkey, giraffe, and more), taking you through a day in its life. The gorgeous, detailed illustrations make each story come alive, and the hardcover board books look beautiful lined up on the shelf—plus it helps them survive the most destructive toddlers. 


Around the World with Mouk by Marc Boutavant

We're crazy about Mouk, a little bear who travels the world having adventures along the way. It's France's version of Richard Scarry, with attitude. "So basically you're dumping us," Mouk's friend says upon hearing that he's heading out on an extended trip. The animals' quirky conversations continue through Finland, the Sahara, Japan and beyond. Bonus: the book has dozens of reusable, technicolor stickers, so kids can interact with the story. 


Trucks Go by Steve Light

If your truck-sound repertoire is limited to "vroom" and "beep beep," this book is for you. Your little truck enthusiast will get a kick out of you making the distinct sounds of seven different vehicles. "The auto carrier goes, 'ROOOOOR, ROOOOOR, BUMPADA HONK, HONK.'" Vivid graphic illustrations add to the sensory experience.