Wee Society

We're thrilled to see our new iOS app, Wee You-Things making the "favorites" lists of some of our favorite blogs. Apps Playground named Wee You-Things a Best New Children's App during the week it launched, and Geeks With Juniors named it on its monthly list of Best New Apps for Juniors. And here's what some other bloggers and app reviewers had to say about the app:

"Kids can detect hokiness and fakery with sophistication that belies their years, so the most successful way to teach character building is often to put it into an irresistible package. Wee You-Things ... shares its message of accepting differences using colorful graphics, humor, and a seamless UI ... Though the app is aimed at kids aged 3-7, I've read the book several times both alone and in concert with my 9-year-old daughter and it never fails to make us both smile."
- PadGadget (5-star review)

"We love that this story sparks important conversations about differences in a really fun way. Wee You-Things is a must-have learning app for your kids." 
- KinderTown

"Wee You-Things … is exactly the kind of book we need to read to our children to help instill 21st century character traits of acceptance. We were so delighted when we came across this app, every element in this simple read is stunning and the message so poignant!" 
- Teachers With Apps 

"Kids can learn to appreciate differences in others and themselves. They will hear that our differences make us special and make life more interesting and exciting, and they'll get a glimpse of kids who may be different from them. The fun drawings in Wee You-Things will amuse kids and … the message about appreciating differences is powerful."
- Common Sense Media (4-star review)