Wee Society

We've been picking out holiday gifts for the kids in our lives. As moms, dads and designers, we always have an eye out for happy design. Here are a few of the inspiring ideas that made our favorites list this year.

Romp's make-your-own books and puzzles

We love all things Romp, but nothing beats a blank board book or puzzle, so your kids can create their very own versions.


Wee Alphas personalized print

Art that fits wee ones to a T (or A, or Z, or any letter in between). Choose from 26 alphabetized characters who each hide one special letter, and personalize with your child's name and an optional silly (or slightly more serious) statement.


Haba's Very First Games

We think these simple games with oversized wooden pieces will be a big hit with our twins. (Big bonus: it reinforces cooperation and taking turns.)

Rabbit! Tunes

For family dance parties, our playlists always include tunes from our friends Rabbit! You'll want all of the albums, check out "Pea" (above) on Connect the Dots (it's also the soundtrack for the Wee Alphas App).


Hohner 6-Piece Instrument Set

And instruments make family dance parties way more fun.


Tegu Blocks

These simple magnetic wooden blocks are brilliant for little hands. (And good for travel -- no lost pieces!)


Pinhole Press Personalized Memory Game

We're making this with photos of family members who live far away, to help them feel a little bit closer. (Well-designed. Yay!)