Wee Society


We're honored and excited that Common Sense Media, the nation's leading nonprofit organization for kids and media, gave Wee Alphas its top (5-star) rating for overall quality:

Reviewer (and media-savvy mom) Dana Villamagna says: "The coolest thing about WEE ALPHAS is that it takes the approach that just because kids need to learn the basics like ABCs, doesn't mean they have to be bored. In fact, this app is quirky enough to entertain the parents playing the app with the kids. From the beautiful illustrations and the interesting selections of animals and their activities ("Ingrid the Impala is deep sea diving") to the quirky animations (tap Violet the Vulture's hair and she changes from ponytail to braids to beehive and more), kids and parents are surprised and engaged. Wee Alphas is a standout example of a fun, quality preschool education app."

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