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Next Stop Grand Central by Maira Kalman

What a brilliant concept for a children’s book, capturing the excitement of Grand Central Station. With 500,000 people passing through each day, Kalman introduces us to dozens of the best characters — like the Oblensky twins who are going to tap dancing class in Carnegie Hall; the woman with the blue pancake hat who is going to Chinatown to buy Poo Nik Tea; Ervin Pil who will grow up to be a famous scientist because he eats beets every day; and George Coppola the chief of police who keeps the place safe from no-goodniks. Written and illustrated in a wonderfully colorful, clever, quirky way, it sparks questions and inspires imaginations. "Trains are trips. And trips are adventures. And adventures are new ideas and romance and you can't ever know what in the world will happen which is exactly why you are going.” Yes.