Wee Society


We've been looking for creative ways to keep our kids engaged – and out of the way – while preparing the big Thanksgiving feast. From the Wee Workshop, here's an activity that's meaningful and ties right into the day.

In their Thanks Book, kids are encouraged to write, or draw, or sticker, or collage whatever they're most thankful for – people, places, things or experiences that start with the letters T - H - A - N - K - S ! (The "!" page is for anything else that doesn't start with the six letters.) At our house, we're going for a walk for inspiration, and the bigger kids and adults are helping the little kids, who are practicing their letter recognition – it's part of the fun.

Then they have something to share with visiting friends and relatives, a keepsake from the day, and – most important – the mindset and moments of reflection we're all looking for on a day about gratitude.

Download your Thanks Book free right here.